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Agile Working Methods in Law Firms

Why we act

Agile working methods are slowly expanding from just software development to other industries – including law firms.

What does agile working mean for law firms? Does it even work? And if it does – what needs to be adapted?

Those are some of the questions that we seek to answer in our LLI Agile for Lawfirms project. The goal is to find out how an agile approach might be able to help law firms in facing their current challenges and offer new perspectives on how to organize.

How we do it

With this project, we aim to create something that will make the insights we gain available to all our LLI members – stick around to find out what it will be!


Project lead(s): Katharina Bisset & Josia Splitt

Contact: via LLI’s Microsoft Teams Platform (membership required)

Photo by Eden Constantino on Unsplash