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Portrait photo of Kai Jacob

Kai Jacob

LLI Board Member and KPMG Law

Kai is the founder and co-chair of the Liquid Legal Institute. He is also a partner in Legal Operations & Transformation Services (LOTS) at KPMG Law since 2021. Before KPMG Law, Kai was a partner at Deloitte Legal and previously spent many years at SAP SE.

Portrait photo of Dr. Dierk Schindler

Dierk Schindler

LLI Board Member and Bosch AG

Dierk is Co-Founder of the LLI and Co-CEO. Dierk is Vice President & Head of Corporate Legal Services, Mobility Solutions, Supply Chain & Logistics at Bosch. In addition, he is an academic lecturer on topics regarding innovation in business and law.

Portrait photo of Dr. Bernhard Waltl

Bernhard Waltl

LLI Board Member and BMW Group

Bernhard is computer scientist and Co-Founder of the LLI and Co-CEO. Bernhard is fellow of the Stanford Law School (CodeX). He joined BMW Group in 2017 where he is the Legal Operations Officer at the Legal Department.

Evgeny Ioffe

Evgeny Ioffe

Head of Business Development & Administration, Liquid Legal Institute e.V.

Portrait of Tatiane Lottiger

Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger

International business lawyer with 12+ years of experience working in the intersection between law, technology, and regulatory affairs within the telecom/IT law/Cloud industry, including Data Privacy & Security. Tatiana has extensive international working experience and a solid understanding of the regulatory environments in the EU, USA, and LATAM from working with political bodies, policymakers, and academia on technology policy issues. Tatiana is LLI Ambassador for Northern Europe.

Portrait photo of Anna Engers

Anna Engers

Diversity Coach

As a Diversity Coach she advises companies in bringing seriously and sustainably the idea of diversity into the company and how to live it. Diversity is her passion and you can see that in her attitude and way of working.


Mark A. Cohen

CEO, Legal Mosaic & Executive Chairman, Digital Legal Exchange

Mark is CEO of Legal Mosaic, a legal business consultancy that provides strategic advice to corporate legal departments, law firms, legal service providers, legal networks, entrepreneurs, and law schools. He is a co-Founder and Executive Chairman of The Digital Legal Exchange, a unique, global, not-for-profit organization created to teach, apply, and scale digital principles to the legal function. He has been a regular contributor to Forbes for five years, writing on the global legal marketplace. Mark has also written frequently for Bloomberg Law, The ABA Journal, The American Lawyer, Legal Business World, and The Canadian Bar Journal.

Portrait photo of Hui Zhang

Hui Zhang

Legal OS

Portrait photo of Dr. Roger Strathausen, consultant, author and lecturer

Roger Strathausen

Dr. Strathausen Consultancy

Roger Strahausen is a consultant, author, and lecturer. He previously was an executive at Accenture and an employee at SAP. He is co-editor of the two „Liquid Legal“ compendiums and author of "Leading When You Are Not the Boss“. Roger earned his PhD from Stanford University while on Fulbright and Stanford Dissertation Fellowships.

Portrait photo of Dr. Nikolai Wessendorf, counsel at Deloitte Legal

Nikolai Wessendorf

Deloitte Legal

Counsel at Deloitte Legal for digital law, legal tech enthusiast and enabler. Working with great and driven companies in several sectors, market leaders in InsurTech as well as international corporations. Living the start-up spirit to push digital transformation wherever it helps us to responsibly grow - as humans and in our business life.

Vasile Tiple portrait new

Vasile Tiple


Head of Legal Automation and the architect of the UiPath's Legal team and Legal Automation Program. Vasile was UiPath's General Counsel and has been at the forefront of designing and implementing the company’s legal automation vision. In his current role, he is in charge of driving industry wide automation adoption by developing new licensing models, designing UiPath's go-to-market strategy for legal automation solutions, and identifying opportunities to improve legal and compliance processes.

Portrait photo of Karla Schlaepfer

Karla Schlaepfer

Independent cert. Systemic Coach, Author, Agilist and Design Thinker

Karla has over 20 years of experience in interdisciplinary teaching and communication training. She is the co-author of a non-fiction book on innovating cultural change and another on Design Thinking. As a professional coach and cert. scrum master, she conducts agile workshops for the legal sector, DAX enterprises and universities.

Portrait photo of René Beulen

René Beulen

Rene Beulen BV / Transform Data International

I'm active as a consultant on the intersection of business and IT. I focus on advising companies on how to best use information technology (IT) to achieve their business goals. This business (IT) consulting includes both consultancy and implementation services, but does not focus on transactional IT activities. Mainly law firms, professional services organizations and corporate legal departments use my services so "LegalTech"is important to me.


Rainer Markfort


Rainer is a Corporate Partner and a Global Director of Client Solutions Innovation at Dentons. He is a Member of the Board of DICO - Deutsches Institut für Compliance e.V.

Portrait photo of Klaus Gresbrand, lawyer for corporate reorganization and M&A

Klaus Gresbrand

Deloitte Legal

Close to 10 years of working experience as a lawyer in the areas of Corporate Reorganization and M&A - often for Japanese clients. And deeply involved with Legal Tech.

Portrait photo of Dr. Silvio Kupsch

Silvio Kupsch

PWC Germany

Experienced Litigator. Deputy head of litigation at PwC Germany's Office of General Counsel and co-head of the department's working group on legal tech & digitalisation. Lecturer at the University of Gießen in the field of law and digitalisation + legal tech. Author and conference speaker on topics relating to litigation, digitalisation and innovation.

Franz Kummer portrait

Franz Kummer


Founder and co-owner Weblaw AG, President of the Board of Directors - Publisher-Lecturer at the Universities of Bern and St. Gallen - Lecturer LegalTech at Kalaidos Law School - Board of Directors YLEX AG and iDPARC AG - Co-editor Jusletter and Jusletter IT

Portrait photo of Maurus Schreyvogel

Maurus Schreyvogel


As Chief Legal Innovation Officer, Maurus Schreyvogel drives peak in-house legal department performance and accelerates functional innovation. He focuses on corporate legal department best practices and future needs, and application of technologies to increase value to the business while driving down cost and fostering a globally connected culture.

Photo photo of Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr

Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr

Olympus Corporation

Portrait photo of Marcel Ritter, general counsel at Telefonica

Marcel Ritter

General Counsel Telefónica

I have been General Counsel at Telefónica Germany since 2014. Prior to that, I held various management and senior legal counsel positions with different focuses. Digitisation and law have a lot in common - and the challenge is to bring them together while knowing the differences.

Portrait photo of Henrik Wehrs, responsible for legal digitisation projects at Allen & Overy

Henrik Wehrs

Allen & Overy LLP

Henrik is responsible for legal digitisation projects at Allen & Overy LLP in Continental Europe. He has extensive experience in IT and legaltech, having previously advised many law firms and legal departments on digital projects. With his company, streamlaw, he was part of a global law firm’s innovation hub. He has also established numerous technology and consumer goods companies as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Portrait photo of Charlotte Kufus, managing director of Legal OS

Charlotte Kufus

Legal OS

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Legal OS. MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology at LSE. Main research focus: collective intelligence and decentralised networks. Legal OS’s goal is to build an engine that turns law into code and helps create a brand-new infrastructure for the 21st century.

Portrait photo of Valentin de Negri Fischer, legal engineer

Valentin De Negri Fischer

Legal OS

Inspired by the Free Software movement Valentin came into Legal Tech investigating the implications of new forms of digital property on factual legal relations. Since 2018 he works as a Legal Engineer for Legal OS, where he develops - together with his coworkers- new methods and processes for the legal profession.

Portrait photo of Volker Himmen, lawyer and owner of RKH

Volker Himmen


Lawyer at and owner of R|K|H, specialized on labourlaw and insolvencylaw; Board Member (Geschäftsführender Ausschuss) of the AG Kanzleimanagement (Working Committee for entrepeneurial aspects of law firms and legal services) of the German Bar Association.

Portrait photo of YoonHyun Cho, founder of Mouthpiece Law

YoonHyun (Drake) Cho

Conflict Analytics Lab and Mouthpiece Law

Founder of Mouthpiece Law, YoonHyun, is responsible for the AI and the Future of Health Systems at the Conflict Analytics Lab (a research-based consortium interested in applying AI and data analytics to conflict resolution and negotiation based @Queen's Law and Smith.) JD Candidate 2021 and BCom: Finance & Economics at the University of Toronto, Graduate with High Distinction (Top 5%).

Portrait photo of Stephan Schmittner

Stefan Schmittner

Seit Juli 2020 >PD - Berater der öffentlichen Hand GmbH< Manager ; Seit 2017 >Digitalisierung im Notariat< Autoren- und Vortragstätigkeit; 2011 bis Juni 2020 >Westernacher Solutions GmbH< Fachberater Justiz- und Notariats-Software; 2003 bis 2011 >assistance partner GmbH & Co. KG< Prokurist, Leiter Interne Organisation, Unternehmensübergreifende Leistungs-, Abrechnungs- und Zahlungsprozesse

Portrait photo of Jeroen Zweers, founder of NOUN, the legal innovation agency

Jeroen Zweers


Founder of NOUN #TheLegalInnovationAgency and Vice President at the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) and co-Founder of Dutch Legal Tech

Portrait photo of Tianyu Yuan, CEO and co-founder of Codefy

Tianyu Yuan


Lawyer with additional background in robotics. Technology startup founder in the legal domain (Codefy and LEX superior) and speaker/lecturer on legal technology and legal AI.

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Marc Quabius

Advanced Military Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Center

General Counsel & Company Secretary at Advanced Military Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Center (AMMROC)

Portrait photo of Tomas van der Heijden, entrepreneur in residence at Merantix

Tomas van der Heijden

Entrepreneur in Residence at Merantix

Portrait photo of Diane Manz, business coach

Diane Manz

Business Coach, brandung |coaching & consulting

I am a qualified psychologist and systemic business coach with 17 years of experience in human resources, including 13 years as HR Manager in an international law firm. 2017 I started my own consulting company brandung | coaching & consulting offering coaching & workshops with a focus on leadership, career development and stressmanagement.

Portrait photo of Harm Cammel, legal operations manager

Harm Cammel

(interim) Legal Operations Manager

I have 15 years of legal management experience at companies like Adidas, Basic Fit and PVH and firms like De Brauw and CMS. I do legal operations management for several organizations, lecture Strategy & Innovation at the Master of Legal Management at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and perform Legal Management research.

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Lukas Wollenschlaeger


Portrait photo of Jonas Racine, lawyer

Jonas Racine


Currently working in the public sector in Zurich. Trying to push public sector legal to more open, agile, digital services.

Portrait of Laura Fauqueur

Laura Fauqueur

Innovation, design thinking & legaltech

Consultant in international legal innovation & director for the Masters in Legaltech at CEU Institute of Advanced Management. Awarded European Woman of Legaltech 2020.

Portrait of Markus Wöll

Markus Wöll

Boehringer Ingelheim

As COO Legal I drive innovation and change in the Legal & Compliance department. Excited to be part of the journey to transform the legal profession.

Portrait of Christoph Küng

Christoph Küng

Swiss LegalTech Association

Christoph Küng is Head Digital Legal Transformation at Nexpert AG. He is co-founder and president of the Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA) and co-founder and co-host of the Global LegalTech Consortium (GLTC).


Joachim Kämpf

Lawyer - General Counsel

General Counsel of ECE, Hamburg/ Germany Specialist lawyer for building and architectural law Real estate investment advisor (EBS)


Jason Padman

Digital architect & Founder of Polderon

10+ years experience transforming distributed & innovative teams with Agile practices, Microsoft 365 / Azure cloud services and data driven business intelligence dashboards.

Portrait of Andreas Wonnenberg

Andreas Wonnenberg

Lawyer - Member of WILL

Owner of his own law firm and trying to run it as digital as possible. Focused on Labour Law, Sports Law und Private Law. Solving international cases via WILL (Worldwide Independent Lawyers League).


Alyson Luftig, Esq.

Attorney/Mental Health Advocate

I am an attorney who spearheaded Working Mental Health, a website/ community devoted to reducing the stigma around mental health.

Portrait of Tamay Schimang

Tamay Schimang

Inhouse lawyer & Of Counsel

So far: Worked as a lawyer | founded two legal tech companies | helped establishing a legal department | founded a great family Now: supporting digital/decentralized finance as a lawyer | establishing legal inhouse processes | building legal tech tools

Portrait of Matthias Bosbach

Matthias Bosbach

Lawyer & Tax Consultant at Ebner Stolz

Generalist focused on international cases, helping companies navigate cross-border legal and tax issues. Deeply involved in the digital transformation of this field, enabling companies and consultants to build solutions and processes that combine both human and tech modules. Always looking for common ground between different people and fields, passionate about building crosslinks and bridges.

Emma Ziercke

Emma Ziercke

Legal Profession at the Bucerius Law School

Emma is a former Linklaters Managing Associate (Corporate) from the UK. After moving to Hamburg, Germany, she completed an Executive MBA focussing on law firm management, organisational behaviour and diversity. As a Senior Research Associate at the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession, she continues to research on these topics.

Portrait of Maik Ebersoll

Maik Ebersoll

Bosch Group

Maik studied law and economics and very much enjoys the interface between business, IT and legal. Research focus: macroeconomics, quantitative systems theory, legal management, homomorphisms of Gibbs-Falkian thermodynamics.


Dr. Yana Heussen

Co-Founder of the Mindful Leadership Circle / Consultant, Coach & Trainer for Conscious Leadership / Neuropsychology

Dr. Yana Heussen is the founder of the Wise Impact Lab – a global firm for organizational and leadership development passionate about creating a more human world of work. With her 10+ years experience she is a trusted consultant, coach and trainer for companies such as eBay, Axel Springer or Deloitte.

Portrait of Ignaz Fuesgen

Ignaz Fuesgen

Managing Director at smartvokat

Inquisitive mind. Disruptor. Bridge Builder. Business of Law.


Maria Govis

Legal Transformation Advisor at smartvokat

Maria is a Legal Transformation Advisor at smartvokat. She advises smartvokat clients on the optimisation of legal & compliance processes, and supports legal departments and law firms on their digital transformation journey. Maria has a legal and translation background, she speaks English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.


Susanne Marks

Legal Transformation Advisor

Susanne is part of smartvokat's Legal Transformation Advisory team and supports industrial clients to optimise their legal & compliance processes, and legal departments & law firms on their journey of digital transformation.


Dr. Stephan Morsch

Partner at SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte

Dr. Stephan Morsch advises German and international companies and financial investors in M&A, private equity / venture capital investments, joint ventures, as well as corporate law. His clients include, in particular, companies in the media, technology, automotive, energy, healthcare, and investment goods sectors, as well as funds and family offices. He studied law in Regensburg, Paris and Munich. Before joining SKW Schwarz in 2014, he worked from 1999 through 2014 as associate and partner in an international law firm in Munich.


Robert Dilworth

Managing Director & Assoc. General Counsel, Bank of America / BofA Securities (ex-Merrill Lynch)

I have 30 yrs experience as in-house counsel in global financial institutions (BofA and Deutsche Bank) and prior to that, 6 yrs as associate at Cleary Gottlieb. My practice areas (derivatives, securities, banking) have often been in areas well ahead of the development of the law, so I'm comfortable with (and challenged by) uncertainty. I hope to bring this background and my energies to further LII goals. A confirmed Atlanticist, I split life between New York City and Hamburg, and aim to be a bridge between liked-minded innovators on both continents.


Dr. Matthias M. Weiß

Scholz Group/Chiho Environmental Group Limited

Matthias is responsible for the leadership of the legal function at the Scholz Group (Head of Group Legal), a globally operating recycling company belonging to Chiho Environmental Group Limited. He studied law at the University of Mannheim and received his doctor of laws from the Philipps-Universität Marburg. He is admitted to the Bars in Germany (Rechtsanwalt) and England & Wales (Solicitor of the Senior Courts) and has almost 10 years of experience in leading international legal teams and managing complex cross-border legal projects. He has written several articles on legal topics. Besides, he attended a short course on finance and accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School (Exec. Ed). He is particularly interested in legal tech, digitalization and efficient process design.

Portrait of Frank Stoessel

Frank Stoessel

Deutsche Post DHL, Bonn DE

Enthusiastic about driving various global Legal Digitalization projects for Legal Services and the Group.


Zoë Andreae


Zoë is the CEO of LECARE, one of the leading German legal software companies providing solutions for legal, compliance, data security and other specialist departments in more than 500 companies, at local authorities, associations, legal firms and other organisations that manage contracts, trademarks and compliance. In 2018, Zoë was named Woman of Legal Tech 2018, for her pioneering Master Thesis on Legal Tech Startups and their role in the Digital Transformation of the German Legal Industry and her efforts in advancing the legal tech scene in Europe. Zoë studied Disruptive Strategy at the Harvard Business School and Corporate Innovation at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is a founding member of the Hamburg chapter of Legal Hackers and is a member of the supervisory board of the Liquid Legal Institute e.V.


Astrid Kohlmeier

Legal Designer | Lawyer

I counsel law firms and legal departments on innovation and, in particular, legal design. As a member and lecturer of the Executive Faculty at the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession, I see the different needs of the various stakeholders in the legal market as one of the greatest challenges to mastering a user-centric and problem-solving digital transformation.


Thomas Wegerich

Lawyer, Publisher, legal market 360

Thomas has long held various management positions in leading legal publishing houses. He is founder of the publishing house German Law Publishers, which operates numerous top-class journalistic projects, networks and event formats as part of a joint venture with F.A.Z.-Fachverlag. In addition, Thomas is co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of the Bundesverband der Wirtschaftskanzleien in Deutschland (BWD). He also serves as member of the Legal Committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Frankfurt.

Anita Lamprecht

Dr iur. Anita Lamprecht

Private Researcher in Legal Tech

I am a legal professional with international experience and a cutting-edge specialisation in legal technologies. As an expat for more than 15 years, I enjoy exposing myself to new complex challenges. Thanks to the CAS Legal Tech (HWZ Zurich), I have rediscovered an old passion and a new challenge: modern technologies and their impact on the law. My focus is on augmented technologies and digital transformation.

John Joyce

John Joyce

Business Executive

I am the Vice President of Alliances at legal operations software company, Brightflag. I have more than 25 years of experience building strategic alliances with leading companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Intuit. I'm interested in working with legal operations professionals to drive digital transformations for their business and the legal industry in general.


Dr. Nicole Spreng

VP Governance

2021 - now: VP Group Governance Schwanhäußer Industrie Holding GmbH & Co KG 2017-2021: Head of Legal Centers of Expertise and Group Governance, LEONI AG 2005-2017: Abteilungsleiterin Recht, Bayerngas GmbH


Christian Hertneck

Partnernetwork 3DC, Kugler Maag Cie GmbH

Since more than 23 years I am passionate about developing organizational processes that are both sustainable and in line with employees’ capabilities, thus ensuring innovation and effectiveness. My expertise ranges from Agile and Digital Transformation to Automotive SPICE/CMMI based business improvement.


Björn Frommer

Lawyer and Managing Partner of FROMMER LEGAL & CEO of JUNE

Björn Frommer is a lawyer and Managing Partner of FROMMER LEGAL. As a lawyer, he has worked on the digitalisation of legal and operational processes for close to 20 years. Together with his partners, he created JUNE, a modular cloud platform designed for the handling of mass legal proceedings and large-scale projects. Today, JUNE is used in law firms and legal departments to manage high-volume processes from a single source in a resource-efficient manner.


Ole Neitzel

Legal Operations Consultant at Linklaters


Georg Bonczek

BMW Group

Portrait of Alex Beelen

Axel Beelen

Legal consultant

Axel Beelen is a data legal consultant specialised in copyright, data protection and blockchain. Located in Brussels, Axel Beelen will be more than happy to help you.

Portrait of Daniel Trier

Daniel Trier

Nexpert AG

Daniel Trier is co-founder and CEO of Nexpert AG. As a legal expert in Managed IT Services, he has been advising law firms, legal departments and other companies for 20 years.

Portrait of Alice Armitage

Alice Armitage

Professor & Director of Applied Innovation, University of California Hastings Law School

Professor Armitage is Professor & Director of Applied Innovation at UC Hastings College of the Law, which includes overseeing innovative hubs, LexLab and the Startup Legal Garage. She began her career as an international tax attorney at Arnold & Porter in Washington DC, moving from there to a position in the Office of the International Chief Counsel at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to develop tax policy for complex cross-border financial transactions. A graduate of Yale Law School and Brown University, Professor Armitage has also founded two startups.


Jim Chiang

CEO, My Legal Einstein

Jim most recently led the AI engineering team at Apttus/Conga and Icertis, the two market leaders in the CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) enterprise space. Jim has served multiple executive roles leading engineering and product teams. Jim has over 20 years of experience in big data management and AI algorithm development. Jim holds a Bachelors in Engineering from MIT.

Bild_Christiane Ecker

Christiane Ecker

Compliance Officer at MAN Energy Solutions SE

I am a Compliance Officer with a legal background. I strongly believe that legal professionals can be proactive (instead of solely reactive), visionary and co-designing corporate strategy. I am particularly passionate about Corporate (Digital and Social) Responsibility and "soft" topics in general, topics which I am driving in several working groups.


Heinz Gras


30+ years experience in the IT industry at market leaders such as Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. The last 25 years in international and regional management positions at the Microsoft headquarters and subsidiaries. Data and Analytics expertise, gained in various management functions such as Director Workplace Intelligence, Industry Manager for Document Management and Workflow. Sales and marketing expertise, gained in various management functions such as Sales and Marketing Manager for SME, and Customer Relationship Management, Group Manager Strategic Marketing and Communications for Microsoft Business Solutions. Technical background, gained in various functions ranging from software development, system management, project management and product management.


Magnus Baumhauer

Canada Life Assurance Europe plc / Authorised Representative, Director Legal, Syndikusrechtsanwalt / law, tax

26 years in 3 industries (audit and tax advisory; chemical industry; life insurance); law and tax with a clear international focus; degree in German literature and a bit of theology (ups); baby boomer, family man, boredom-hater; crazy about new and creative ideas, things, and approaches; travel, literature, photography

Portrait of Helder Santos

Helder Santos

Director of Digital & Information Technology

I am the Director of Digital & Information Technology at CMS, one of the top international legal firms, where I keep focus on the globalization and combination of technology services, with an emphasis on innovation in the areas of cloud infrastructure (IaaS), security, and SaaS delivery. I frequently engage with senior leadership, as well as internal and external partners, to translate market insights into digital innovation concepts and articulate the ROI and growth capabilities of a myriad of projects. My current focus is on managing teams and building solutions. I harness disruptive technology and use innovation for organizational change and evolution within a dynamic and multicultural team


Su Reiter

Law Student, Content Strategist, Digital Illustrator

Su Reiter is a law student with a professional background in the media industry. She represents the younger generation of lawyers and is involved in digital transformation and legal tech in her free time. Besides her studies, she freelances for various legal companies and legal tech projects. As a specialist editor and freehand digital illustrator, Su presents legal content in a visual and understandable way.

Sebastian Raendler

Sebastian Raendler

General Counsel, Lawyer, Lifelong Learner

Carolin Kothe

Carolin Kothe

Lawyer at KPMG Law (Legal Technology and Operations)
Educated lawyer and data protection officer, who draws on the experience of her private software/hardware projects as well as professional experience, particularly in the business and healthcare sectors, including companies such as Pfizer, Charité, Sparkasse, to make legal work more effective, less expensive, and less error-prone.

Philipp Glock

Philipp Glock

Lawyer; Partner; Head of Legal Corporate Services; Head of IT & Innovation; Co-Head of Legal Process and Technology
My focus is on digitalization, technology and process consulting for legal departments as well as corporate and commercial law. As Co-Head of the Legal Process & Technology Solution, I am familiar with the latest digital solutions for companies of all sizes and help with the selection & introduction of the appropriate tools and the implementation or revision of processes in the legal function.


Richard James

UBS Group General Counsel - Head Strategy & Business Management
Senior manager with 7 years management consulting experience across industries and 14 years at UBS in various roles.

Jobst Wibbelmann

Dr. rer. nat. Jobst Wibbelmann

Chemistry (Dipl.chem.,Dr.rer.nat.), Patent attorney (German and European patent attorney), MBA (EMBA -WHU/Kellogg),
Having spent almost 35 years (including 28 years as the partner of a renowned law firm) in the legal profession. I am looking forward to embrace my newly acquired skills in a different environment.


Mag. Katharina Bisset

Attorney / Nerd / Founder / Multipotentialite
Attorney in IT/IP/Privacy, CEO & Co-Founder of NetzBeweis and Nerds of Law.

Martin Biehaule

Dr. Martin Biehaule

Legal Tech Enthusiast - Senior Manager Projects - Organisational Change Manager - GSK STOCKMANN
Dr. Martin Biehaule is an expert in Legal Tech and the challanges of digitalization change management projects. With a special focus on the complexity of the human factor as a critical element for sustainable success in digital change. Profit will be created at the intersection of cutting edge technology, deployed in interconnected application landscapes, used by users in a positiv motivational framework and organisational surrounding.


Michael Burkhart

Legal Executive & Innovation Manager I Creating business value through Legal Operations | Shaping the Legal User Experience LUX
I am a lawyer, designer and doer. Developing ideas for the Legal User Experience (LUX) of the future motivates me on a daily basis. The interfaces of people, data, technologies and processes, of legal and business topics are essential for the Legal of tomorrow.

Valerie Saintot

Dr. Valérie M. Saintot

Lawyer, Lecturer, Mindfulness teacher
Valérie has worked 10 years as legal counsel (legal advice, litigation, law-making, legal operations); and 10 years in general management functions (OD, HR, financial controlling, communications, and Statistics). Mindfulness, visual and design thinking, knowledge and performance management as well as technology are topics high on her agenda.


Henriete Fejes

Lawyer | Intellectual Property | Media Law | Technology
Extensive practice in Brazil with over 18 years of experience in implementing governance programs, corporate contracts, complex negotiations, intellectual property, media law, technology, and innovation. Henriete contributes with creativity and assertiveness in the client's business strategy and decision-making processes to make things happen. Exercise judgment on risk and opportunity, harmonizing legal insight with business acumen to help guide the clients through the big decisions. Believe that there is always something to learn and ways to grow, so appreciate the team’s and client’s opinions.

Daniel Krupka

Daniel Krupka

Managing Director or German Informatics Society


Dominic Eugen Piernot

eDiscovery & Document Management Professional
10+ years experience and expertise in diverse legal IT topics like eDiscovery, AI, iManage, Litera and forensics. Guest lecturer for Compliance at University St. Gallen


Josia Splitt

Coach und Organisationsberater
I am a systemic coach und consultant for organizational development, currently working in an agile environment.

Ruth Maria Bousonville

Ruth Maria Bousonville

Rechtsanwältin, Legal Director at Pinsent Masons
Has delivered legal solutions for the digital world for more than 20 years. Still tireless advocate for process improvement and tech solutions in the legal world.


Prof. Dr. David Stoppelmann

Pinsent Masons
Employment lawyer, Partner at Pinsent Masons, Professor for Digital Management – Legal & Compliance at BSP Business & Law School.


Dr. Michael Zollner, LL.M.

Co-Head Pinsent Masons Vario Germany
Michael is responsible for the strategy of Pinsent Masons Vario in Germany and is passionately interested in legal innovation and NewLaw topics.


Andreas Wolf

Coach & Oraganizational Consultant
With over 20 years experience in leadership and organisational development I coach business leaders in their organisational (re-)structuring and accompany team and leadership developments.


Katharina Reus

Legal Counsel / Director of Legal Operations


Matea Pukec Štander

Head of Legal in pharma industry


Dr. Gordon Christian

Principal Counsel Competition, Siemens Energy


Dr. Florian Koemm

General Counsel & Vice President
Dr. Florian Koemm is the General Counsel for Siemens Energy in the Middle East, based out of Dubai. After graduating in Law from the Universities of Passau and Bonn (Germany) and post-graduate studies, Dr. Koemm started his career advising Siemens’ Financial Services business in Munich in 2009. He then moved on following different opportunities with the Mobility business in Erlangen and New York. Since 2017, Dr. Koemm is based out of Dubai and supporting Siemens Energy’s business in all legal matters across the Middle East. In addition to German, Dr. Koemm is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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