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The Future Legal Education: New School of [Law]

Digitalization and upcoming societal challenges demand a new set of skills for legal education. Lawyers and legal experts require these new skills, as does every other discipline. However, the LLI is above all concerned with how to properly prepare ourselves for the future of law and the legal industry.

We are a great platform through which  to discuss new ways of thinking. We stand for neutrality, open-mindedness, diversity and many further characteristics which society needs to support the change in the legal education. 

Together with known experts from the field, we therefore support ongoing initiatives fostering the improvement of legal education. We support these not just for pupils and students, but in a similar vein for legal professionals and other experts.

The LLI supports the great New School of [Law] initiative. The team behind this has developed a novel curriculum outlining the skills required for the digital future of legal and the business of law. Furthermore, the initiative offers a set of modules. This most importantly allows us to start acquiring a fresh mind set, new capabilities and specific tools and techniques. Therefore, we can not only survive but also thrive efficiently in the future.

Please also take a look at our other Working Groups to learn about similar projects. 

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