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Standardization of Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The project aims to initiate the formation of a legal content standard for suitable templates, leveraging Ken Adam’s existing NDA version, regionalized as necessary and prepared for global use.

To achieve this, the team will (1) review the current version and propose changes to the extent the NDA can be considered “Enterprise-ready”.

While the content is reviewed, the team will identify(2) all relevant meta-content and suggest definitions where appropriate: “what is a clause”, what are „variables”, “alternatives”, “fill-ins”, “risk parameters”, “rules”, “interdependencies” etc.

In parallel the team will (3) assess ways to distribute such standard content, incl. meta-content to various vendors. Vendors, who like to make use of the standard are supposed to describe the “inbound process”, in other words the way such content is set-up in their system.