Oath of Justitia

A Student Competition

In unprecedented times of transformation of our legal industry, we seek your help!

We are inviting (preferably) diverse teams of up to three students (amongst at least one is formally enrolled in a law school) to register on our webpage (with team name, contact details, spokes / contact person).

The Challenge

We all know the Hippocratic Oath of medical ethics as one of the oldest binding documents medical doctors had to swear on. Written in ancient Greek around AD 275, its principles were held sacred to this day: e.g. treat the sick to the best of one’s ability, preserve patient privacy, teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation, and so on.

Inspired by a LLI members discussion, someone asked: how would we like to be seen from people outside of our profession: the new lawyers, open-minded, unbiased, positive – just to name a few attributes we give to ourselves. And, in contrast, if you would ask someone on the street, how would he/he describe a lawyer, what would he/she consider the role of a lawyer to be in society or how has he/she felt last time working with a lawyer, we were almost certain, our profession would be portrayed very differently. So, why not giving ourselves some basic principles we all adhere to?

The Competition

We seek for innovative and novel ideas formulating an

Oath of Justitia

which aims to bring the people’s view of us lawyers, the rule of law and our self-imposed Code of Conduct when dealing with clients, handling complex legal problems and serving the societal and economical welfare into a concise and clear form. Your team can earn extra points by presenting the oath in a special way or by providing suggestions on how the oath could be brought to the attention of the lawyers.

Rules & Timeline

Registration is open, see form below.

Submission via E-Mail, which will be provided after registration.

Final submissions: Sunday, 31.01.2021.

Please find the Terms and Conditions, here: LINK.