Oath of Justitia Competition

Registration is now closed!

Our new student competition: Oath of Justitia

During this unprecedented time of transformation within the legal industry, we are looking to collaborate with future talent like you!

We are inviting teams of at least three university students (at least one of whom must be studying a degree connected to law) to register for the Oath of Justitia competition using the form below.

This is a great opportunity for you to have original work published, build links to a fast-growing legal think tank and collaborate with like-minded peers!

What is the Oath of Justitia?

Today, the Hippocratic Oath is recognized in many countries as a cornerstone of medical ethics. Written in antiquity, it still serves as a guide for physicians across the world today and has embedded principles such as ‘do no harm’ within the profession.

At the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI), we have asked ourselves: what would a similar oath look like for lawyers? How should an Oath of Justitia be formulated? In the modern digital world, should it be different from an oath written in Ancient Greece, and if so, how?

We are now looking for teams of talented and forward-looking students to put this idea into action!

Why is the Oath of Justitia important?

We’ve teamed up with Mark A Cohen to explain why this is an important and timely project. 

Mark is CEO of Legal Mosaic, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of The Digital Legal Exchange and passionate about modernising legal education.


Describe your imaginative ideas using

  1. A one-page document outlining your version of the Oath (300 words maximum) and
  2. A supporting essay which explains the reasoning behind your Oath (2000 words maximum, excluding references and footnotes).

You may also want to take into account the digital transformation of the legal industry and how the legal industry is or should be perceived by laypersons.

How could your Oath of Justitia reach the masses? – Best Deployment Plan, bonus prize!

As a bonus, you can also share your ideas for how to deploy your Oath – with a Deployment Plan!

This plan should explain how to ensure that your Oath would gain traction and become widely adopted by the legal industry.

Since we want to encourage you to think creatively and use innovative strategies, there is no prescribed word limit/format for the Deployment Plan.

And there is no need to create a full-fledged chain of events – we know you can’t foresee the future!

Which prizes are up for grabs?

There are three different team prizes on offer: 

  • Oath – First Prize: € 1000
  • Oath – Runner Up Prize: € 500
  • Bonus Prize for the Best Deployment Plan: € 500
Money is wonderful, but you need more?

Additionally, we will be promoting the winning teams’ results through:

  1. Publication of winning submissions on the LLI website
  2. Publication of the competition results in Going Digital, an online magazine about the changing legal sector
  3. A virtual awards ceremony
  4. A virtual platform for each winning team to explain and discuss their ideas with renowned professionals and legal experts
  5. Digital certificates confirming the competition results
  6. Sharing winning submissions on the LLI’s LinkedIn page
How and when to submit your entry?

Registration: you can register until 27th March 2021, 23:59 CET using the form provided below. Please ensure that you register using your university e-mail address. During registration, you do not have to submit any work. But we greatly encourage you to start as soon as possible – fight that lockdown-induced procrastination!

We will also be hosting Introduction Calls on 22nd March and 26th March 2021, which will be aimed at registered participants and those interested in participating. Here, you will be able to ask questions about the competition, as well as the LLI!

Final submissions: you must submit your final entry via e-mail to oath@liquid-legal-institute.org by 1st May 2021, 23:59 CET.

Before registering, please read our Terms & Conditions in full: LINK

What happens after you submit your entry?

Once you submit your entry, we will send you an e-mail confirming safe receipt.

A jury composed of eminent professionals from within and beyond the LLI network will judge the submissions and decide on prize-winners.

We are currently aiming to complete the prize selection process and announce the winners by mid-June 2021.

Read our FAQs

For full details on eligibility, submissions and prizes, please read our Frequently Asked Questions: LINK

If you have a question that is not addressed in the FAQs, please e-mail oath@liquid-legal-institute.org

Good luck, break a leg and blow us away! Let’s design the future. Together.