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LLI goes Metaverse

Virtual Reality for Work and Play

Team Virtual Exploration – community beyond borders

Both Science Fiction and corporate foresight visions influence our view of the future. And too often the presented binary stereotypes – good or bad –  limit our understanding of tomorrow’s choices. We want to challenge and expand this view by setting off into virtual space!

We aim to explore and assess the new possibilities for remote team collaboration as well as new forms of digital leisure activities, like concerts and exhibitions.


Virtual reality is it hype or a huge opportunity?

Join us for a series of events in which participants are invited to gain first-hand experience while practicing their technical VR skills in a small group.

Our purpose is to create an experimental «sandbox» where we can learn about and explore virtual reality and the legal implications of Metaverse(s).

Our first expeditions will be offered in February/March 2022 in the licensed safe space of Glue.

LLI is establishing itself as the leading international legal platform for open-minded legal professionals. It follows that LLI and its members would want to assess and determine the potential and implications of this rapidly developing VR technology for their upcoming virtual meetings and more. We would like to start asking the right questions, gathering information, and later write a report on our findings.

Interested in expanding your competence beyond physical reality?

Contact: Karla Schlaepfer or Dr iur. Anita Lamprecht