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[LLI Book Volume 2] Liquid Legal - Towards a Common Legal Platform

The first Liquid Legal book compelled the legal profession to reassess its identity and to aspire to become a strategic partner for corporate executives and clients. It also led to the foundation of the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI). This is an association that sparks innovation and drives collaboration in the legal industry.  ‘Towards a Common Legal Platform’ is the LLI’s second Liquid Legal book. This publication builds on the LLI’s progress and on lessons learned by a legal community that no longer focuses purely on LegalTech. It does not only present an outlook on how legal professionals will operate in the future. Rather, it also allows readers to develop a genuine understanding of the value of digitalization, standardization and new methodologies. These topics from three of the LLI’s working groups

Furthermore, the book outlines a Common Legal Platform and makes it the common point of departure for every author. This focus allows the book to offer insights from a wide range of forward-thinking experts invested in driving new thinking within the legal ecosystem. The book also features ‘Liquid Legal Waves’. Thus, it provides links between the various articles and connects specific ideas. Furthermore, it offers practical solutions and puts topics into perspective.  Thereby, the book creates a true network of ideas for readers. A must read, it is here to help the legal profession to shape its digital future and revitalize its relevance, while retaining a focus on the human lawyer.

Professor Richard Susskind OBE notes that this is a ‘strikingly diverse collection. There is something here for everyone in the law.’