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Publication: Liquid Legal - Towards a Common Legal Platform

The second book edition of “Liquid Legal” (Springer) collects insights from a wide range of legal institutions and practitioners (law firms, in-house lawyers, LegalTech companies, universities, consultancies, and associations) in order to “design tomorrow’s legal.” While the LLI and the book itself are already a kind of platform which allows for collaboration and exchange, many of the 30+ articles also promote the vision of a technological “Common Legal Platform” that could provide standards for digitalizing the legal industry. Other article topics range from legislation on AI, machine learning and Blockchain and Legal Tech in general to new methods such as legal design and Agile and to legal operations, legal education and the future of law.

The book advances the vision of a common legal platform to facilitate the digital transformation of the legal industry.

The book will be available for purchase as hard-cover and as electronic version.

More than 30 abstracts have already been submitted! We will now collect and edit the actual articles and close the contract with Springer, whose editors will do the copy-editing and produce the book.

Publication is planned for Q4 2019 or Q1 2020. See the preliminary Table of Content for more details.