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Legile – Legal Agile Training

Methodologies Project 2

Legal agile training is en vogue. However, there is little material available which is suitable for use cases in legal departments. Agile serves as an umbrella for many practices – some longstanding, some more recent. Professions outside of traditional legal departments have already embraced these practices. However, there is uncertainty and confusion as to how to leverage agile practices in legal departments. Sometimes, there is even fatigue.

With this project, we intend to tackle agile, which is currently a buzzword & dernier crie in the industry. We aim to transform agile into a tangible, accessible and assessable project management methodology for inhouse legal departments. We are exploring the specific use-case of ‘agile adapted to legal departments’. Furthermore, we are translating it into prototypes that participants can directly implement. Others can subsequently leverage these prototypes to learn more. 

Please also see our Legal Agile Toolkit project.