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Legal Text Analytics

The Liquid Legal Institutes connects leading experts from the field of Natural Language Processing and Text Mining for legal documents. The ultimate purpose is to pool existing resources and share them with everyone interested. This should improve the existing tools and allow for more complex challenges to be tackled efficiently.

Why? Currently, every NLP and text mining project starts with an extensive search and elaboration of existing use cases, tools, methods, datasets, etc. We believe that if we create an state-of-the-art overview TOGETHER, everyone can benefit.

The repository is published openly and can be accessed without password, etc.

Here is a short list of benefits of our initiative:

  • openly share existing knowledge
  • create a community and connect experts
  • share solutions not only problems and challenges
  • leverage the power of open-source
  • accept that we can solve complex problems only together

We cordially thank everyone that contributed to the List at Github. See committers and contributors at the repository.

Contacts: Bernhard Waltl and Georg Bonczek

We constantly seek for new contributions. Check out the existing repository and let us know if you miss something or contribute it directly – from you, for everyone!