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Legal Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs: Open-Source Resources

Currently, everyone lacks of a standardized data format and interface to connect the different sources of data and respective tools. Every vendor defines its own data model. Ultimately, this leads to issues in connecting the tools and prevents us from creating a COMMON LEGAL PLATFORM. However, we believe that if we work on a state-of-the-art overview TOGETHER, everyone can benefit. The first step is to create an overview. Another project can focus on combining and connecting the dots.

We are publishing the repository openly, so that you can access it without a password etc. We cordially thank everyone who has so far contributed to the GitHub list. You can find a list of contributors via the repository.


The Liquid Legal Institutes connects leading experts from the field of Knowledge Engineering, including commercial, non-profit, universities, and public authorities. Ultimately, we aim to create an overview on relevant resources and share them with anyone who is interested – for free. 

Our initiative has many benefits, for instance:

Contacts: Bernhard Waltl and Georg Bonczek

Image by TUM research group Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis)

We are always looking for new contributions. Check out the existing repository and let us know if something is missing. You can also contribute to it directly – from you, for everyone!