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Legal Inhouse KPIs

Our approach for Legal Inhouse KPIs
Currently, a group of members representing inhouse legal teams plus an expert in Agile practices & Agile architecture, are working towards a basic framework for legal inhouse KPIs.
We hope to answer some basic questions.
  • Firstly, what metrics are most relevant?
  • Secondly, what would a common glossary for such metrics look like?
  • Finally, what are effective & efficient options for capturing the underlying data without turning team members into “data clerks”?

We are discussing all these questions and more in order to create specific outcomes for the LLI community. 

If you are interested, feel free to contact Tobias Broda and Dierk Schindler.

We are collaborating via MS Teams. LLI Members can join our discussion and collaboration. Please see the relevant MS Teams Channel.

You may also be interested in our legal inhouse processes work, which you will find here.