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Data-driven Legal Inhouse: KPIs and Metrics

During the last years legal teams saw increasing cost pressure and have been requested to be more efficient while maintaining – if not increasing – its effectiveness. Similar to other departments in the company legal has been asked to apply new management tools and techniquest and to demonstrate its contribution to the overall value creation processes. Besides thightening expectations from internal stakeholders, we also see raised expectations from outside the company from customers, authorities, labor markets etc.

Once we agree on this common understanding, we can focus on central definitions for the work towards a data-driven legal department in which everyone agrees on the power and the usefulness of data, information, and knowledge.

During this project we are discussing central questions and topics such as:

  1. Why should we measure?
  2. What are Data, Information, Metrics, and KPIs?
  3. How does a comprehensive process for Legal Inhouse KPIs look like?
  4. What to measure? 
  5. How to manage and lead with KPIs?

As Inhouse Teams we must be conscious of the fact that introducing metrics, KPIs and dashboards is a paradigm shift on many levels. Simply put, we replace or rather combine qualified opinions based on expertise, experience and seniority with rationalized discussions based on data and dashboards. Starting to “measure” legal work creates a completely new approach to managing teams and requires a different set of leadership skills.

Data-driven Legal In-house Departments: An Introduction into KPIs and Metrics

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If you are interested, feel free to contact Dierk Schindler, Nina Stoeckel, Maurus Schreyvogel, Maik Ebersoll, Jean Obst, Jan Querfurth, Bernhard Waltl, or write the LLI project group directly.

LLI Members can join our discussion and collaboration. Please see the relevant MS Teams Channel.

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