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Legal In-house Processes

The mandate for in-house legal functions has evolved. An originally limited “keep us out of trouble”- approach has turned to a business enabling partner role. As such, in-house legal functions are integrating more and more into the business processes. LLI proposes to respond to this development by defining proper legal in-house function processes. These seek to facilitate the integration with the business, support continued digitalisation of the legal function and therefore help to deliver legal services in the most value adding way.

At first instance, by acknowledging that it is a project, which requires dedication, resources and skills. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that there is a project group with clear capabilities and – crucial for the success of the project – dedicated resources. Regularly, this project will encompass the following phases: 

  1. Analysis,
  2. Consolidation,
  3. Optimization,
  4. Implementation, and
  5. Life cycle management.

More detailed information on the specific steps, templates and helpful hints will be provided within this LLI paper.

If your are interested feel free to contact: Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr, Baltasar Cevc, Tamay Schimang, or Bernhard Waltl

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