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Project overview

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even clearer that signing and approving contracts using a paper-based process, for instance via handwritten signatures, causes unnecessary delays. Therefore, with this project we would like to enable organizations to pragmatically move to a digital signature (eSignature) process. 

No digitalization without digital signatures 

However, when planning and beginning the implementation you, like so many others, might feel overwhelmed by all the information available and the many topics to consider. You might for example ask: what is an eSignature? Is it legally binding? What does good governance look like? Is there a vendor list? What are the pros and cons of specific vendors? What are the most important lessons other companies have already learned? 

We aim to provide useful, vendor-neutral material for a quick start and a white paper with an overview of this topic.

We cordially invite you to read the LLI Whitepaper published by Editions Weblaw:

For more resources or to access distinct items, you can visit our GitHub repository:

We are working on further deliverables and all members are invited to join!

Contact the LLI Board for more information or become a member and dive in using our internal platform MS Teams.