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Digitalize public sector

What is it and who is involved?

The Liquid Legal Institute e.V. (LLI) promotes new thinking in the entire legal market, both in the private or public sector. This project sets out to identify a first use case to showcase the value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the public sector – starting with a municipal administration. Potential use cases are (not yet finalized):

  • administration of Traffic-Tickets (Bearbeitung von Bußgeldbescheiden)
  • application for passport extensions
  • application for marriages

Why do we think it is useful?

Digitization, new business models, and technological innovations are currently changing all major industries worldwide. While we work with various LegalTech solutions, RPA has not (yet) been in our focus. This needs to change! We want to validate the assumption that we can deliver rapid solutions to public administrations at low costs but with a significant return of investment (ROI). Rapid solutions will help to deliver public services much faster, with less overhead, and in a fully digitalized way. This LLI project will allow our member UiPath to demonstrate its capabilities; it will allow LLI to contribute its part to the digital transformation of the German public sector; and it will allow all members to gain hands-on experience in this new field of transformation.

How do we get there?

The project team aims to have a first workflow live (on cloud) for a German administration until end of 2019. The project team is currently ramped-up, with a planned kick-off on September 13th. Whoever is interested in participating can contact the project owners via e-Mail (see below).


The project will launch in mid-Sept 2019 with an estimated duration of 12-15 weeks. The project team will work in an Agile Mode, in Sprints of 2 weeks:

Dailies (cadence to be agreed by the project team)

10 minutes

Water-cooler Meeting: bi-weekly

30 minutes

Per Sprint

(1 retro and 1 planning meeting)

FEEDBACK WELCOME: k.jacob@liquid-legal-institute.org or joachim.grouven@uipath.com

Or participate: https://liquid-legal-institute.com/membership/