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The digital association – transforming the Liquid Legal Institute e.V.!

Digitalization project 3

What is it and who is involved?

The 2018 founded Liquid Legal Institute e.V. (LLI) is promoting a new way of thinking, e.g. by leveraging technology wherever possible to reduce manual efforts and free the human mind. This project aims to use the methodology and technology of Robotic Process Automation RPA) to demonstrate the possibilities of integrated technology nowadays:

  • delivering rapid prototypes, including AI components – on top of existing technology (provided by UiPath)
  • identifying & collecting first savings and benefits
  • developing & adjusting first processes step-by-step, with additional AI components to realize the utmost automation and digitalization
  • describing the capabilities and limitations of the technology and their usage

Why do we think it is useful?

The LLI has set out ambitious plans on market reach and coverage. Both can only be achieved if we improve our scalability and bring down costs. RPA seems to offer this. The project will reveal to the participants what it takes to embark with a non-profit association on a transformational RPA journey. For example, we will make it (much) easier for LLI applicants to join and get on-boarded to the LLI and, at the same time, will enable the LLI management to better steer the association. In return, our member UiPath will gain insights on how a non-profit association works in order to better understand its needs and improve their offerings in this segment.

How do we get there?

Kick Off is planned for the 13th of September, first working sessions will commence immediately afterwards. Initial results are to be expected in November 2019. Proposed use cases – tbd:


Member application


Member administration


Chatbot solution to manage requests on the LLI website


The project will launch in Sept 2019 with an estimated duration of 8-12 weeks. The project team will work in an Agile Mode, in Sprints of 2 weeks:

Dailies (cadence to be agreed by the project team)

10 minutes

Water-cooler Meeting: bi-weekly

30 minutes

Per Sprint

(1 retro and 1 planning meeting)

Feedback welcome: k.jacob@liquid-legal-institute.org

Or participate: https://liquid-legal-institute.com/membership/