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The digital association – transforming the Liquid Legal Institute e.V.!

Digitalization project 3

What is it and who is involved?

We founded the Liquid Legal Institute e.V. (LLI) in 2018 to promote a new way of thinking. Above all, by leveraging technology wherever possible to reduce manual efforts and free the human mind. This project used the methodology and technology of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to turn the LLI into a fully digital association. Most importantly, this project demonstrated the possibilities of modern integrated technology:

Why do we think it is useful?

The LLI has ambitious plans for market reach and coverage. We can only achieve these goals by improving our scalability and bringing down costs. We therefore decided to use RPA. The project has revealed to participants what it takes to embark with a non-profit association on a transformational RPA journey. For instance, we have made it (much) easier for LLI applicants to join and receive LLI onboarding. Simultaneously, the project has allowed LLI management to better steer the association. Furthermore, our member UiPath has gained insights on how a non-profit association works. Consequently, UiPath can better understand non-profits’ needs and improve their offerings in this area.

Please also take a look at our work on digitalizing the public sector, which is in the same vein. We strongly believe that RPA can help deliver public services quickly, cheaply and digitally. 

What have we achieved?

We have now successfully implemented this project. Here is an overview of our achievements.


New processes 


Different tools 


Onboarding takes just three minutes