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Digitalization Guide

(2nd Edition)

Why do we need to share experiences about Digitalization Projects?

At the LLI, we regularly encounter many colleagues in law firms and legal in-house departments who realize the need for change. However, they simply don’t know where and how to start digitalization projects for legal.  Nonetheless, it is essential to adapt to the new circumstances in order to cope with the increasing workload while at the same time satisfying the clients’ expectations. This is particularly important as clients are no longer willing to pay high hourly rates for lawyers.

We have gathered our collective expert knowledge and experience to fast track you into the digital future.

What to expect from the DigiGuide2.0

In a crowd-writing effort we gathered best practice tips and ready to use checklists to start your endeavor of digitalizing workstreams.

Chapter 1

Starting with the right mindset and some important strategic thoughts, outlining the project with a focus on real pain points and target state definitions, we also describe how to secure the important support from above.

Chapter 2

is a step-by-step guide on how to run the project: composing the team, conducting market research, designing, developing, testing and launching the solution – and what it takes to get positive user feedback. Go live – and now?

Chapter 3

is about the important phase after launch when it comes to troubleshooting and stabilizing change, further enhancing the product or service and managing success.

Here are some high-level recommendations taken from the DigiGuide2.0:

Stabilize success. Participate.

Once you have succeeded. We want you to remain in the winning zone. Stabilize your success by keeping your mind open for infinite digital change.

Everyone is invited to take part in a joint exchange of experiences in digitization. Let us know if you are interested in participating in upcoming events.

Project team

Lead: Carolin Kothe
Supported by Anita Lamprecht, Evgeny Ioffe, Bernhard Waltl, Kai Jacob, and many others!

A link to order a PDF version of the Digitalization Guide (2nd edition) will be posted soon.