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Digitalization Guide (2nd Edition)

Why do we need to share experiences about Digitalization Projects?

We all want to provide the excellent services that our customers expect. Industry leaders must ask themselves if their traditional value propositions are still intact or if innovative players can use disruptive and networked technologies to push them out of the market. This is also true for the legal industry which, for decades, appeared to be immune to substantial changes caused by technology. We have to focus on the core of our legal work, and services in which we do not add value with our legal know-how have to be handled more economically. While the core of legal services, i.e., the assessment of facts in relation to the law, in most practice areas and cases is still too complex to be executed by machines, this assessment of facts remains supported and surrounded by many operational activities such as document analysis, contracting and project management.

What does this mean for legal services?

At the LLI, we regularly encounter many colleagues in law firms and legal in-house departments who realize the need for change. However, they simply don’t know where and how to start digitalization projects for legal.  Nonetheless, it is essential to adapt to the new circumstances in order to cope with the increasing workload while at the same time satisfying the clients’ expectations. This is particularly important as clients are no longer willing to pay high hourly rates for lawyers.

In order to create a guide for the digitalization process that is adapted to current circumstances and technical possibilities, several members and committed non-members have come together. Digi Guide 2nd Edition is now in progress. The Digi Guide is intended to provide a comprehensible entry point and, in this way, help to achieve digital transformation.

We cordially thank everyone who has so far contributed and continue to look forward to contributors sharing their experiences (best practices or failures!) with the community.

If you want to contribute or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contacts: Carolin Kothe with the support by Bernhard Waltl and Kai Jacob

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