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Corporate Health Award – Special Award Legal

When we decided to break the taboo regarding mental health issues in the legal industry, almost one year ago, we have not anticipated the positive feedback and impact, this initiative would have. Now, 1 year later, we have not only conducted our research on Lawyer Well-being together with our project partner BUJ but are close to finalizing a compendium about Lawyer Well-being as a booklet.

In a typical LLI way of working we have reached out to all associations active in the field of Mental Health in the field of law and join forces with them.

Thanks to the EUPD, for being such a strong partner in covering the entire legal profession and LECARE for their enthusiastic support. 

Please note: the CHA was only the beginning – we are preparing an Inhouse Seal, for outstanding mental health projects / initiatives in Legal Departments. If you are interested to learn more about the Inhouse Seal for you and your company please get in touch with us and sign-up the form.

And finally, a big shout out to all contributors in the course of this year’s initiative, project members and partners.