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Roundtable – Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) for the Legal Sector


The Liquid Legal Institute is connecting leading experts from legal innovation, digital ethics, compliance and corporate digital responsibility. Together, we aim at developing a framework to promote the integration of CDR principles in the legal sector combining the LLI digital ethics code with a practical ethical legal innovation roadmap. Furthermore, we plan to publish the application of this framework to different legal contexts, focus topics and areas of use in a unique collection of insights on CDR for legal. To achieve sustainable change and the practical integration of CDR guidelines, we will create a strong community of legal professionals and legal service providers advocating for CDR by establishing a digital community as well as executing on-site workshops and events. 



Corporate digital responsibility (CDR) is an important topic for all business leaders worldwide and has gained tremendous momentum in recent years. However, CDR, as a business requirement, has not yet been adequately addressed by the legal sector. Law firms are looking at CDR primarily from a material law and compliance perspective and thus are missing the opportunity to improve their brand and differentiate themselves from the competition by pro-actively defining digital social, environmental and sustainability goals for their practice. 


The LLI offers its collaboration platform to discuss and define the role and responsibility of the Legal community on the various dimensions of CDR.

Join us for our Roundtable on CDR for Legal Professionals! Discover the latest best practices and trends on the topic and learn how to navigate the complex landscape with ease.

Every month, on the third Monday, at 5 pm CE(S)T,

we’ll invite experts and professionals to talk about topics surrounding CDR.

Contact Bernhard Waltl or Evgeny Ioffe to get involved.

Fourword: Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) CDR – das betrifft doch den Rechtsmarkt nicht, oder doch?

by Dr. Bernhard Waltl, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the Liquid Legal Institute

Ob wir wollen oder nicht, die Interaktion mit Algorithmen und künstlicher Intelligenz ist längst zum Alltag geworden. Mit den Fortschritten der Digitalisierung und digitalen Transformation erleben wir permanent, dass datengetriebene Geschäftsmodelle, Algorithmen und künstliche Intelligenz zunehmend mit gesellschaftlichen und sozialen Normen und auch mit unseren gesetzlichen Regelungen kollidieren. 

Fourword CDR

Legal Business World: Responsible Innovation, CDR, and the Legal Sector

Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 16.53.33
by Jolanda Rose, Associate Legal Process and Technology at KPMG Law and Bernhard Waltl, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the Liquid Legal Institute

Why should the legal sector care?

Responsible use of innovation. Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, at the latest, there has been no doubt that legal tech and legal operations are no longer a matter of theory, but must be implemented in all areas of the legal industry. Management of legal departments, managing partners of law firms, executives in government agencies and the judiciary are under pressure to do more and more work in less time. Many have had to switch to digital working overnight and have mastered this change more or less successfully.