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CLP Principles

See the CLP Principles at GitHub!

See an article at Handelsblatt about the CLP idea: LINK

In recent years, a number of (mostly commercial) platforms have emerged that have already incorporated certain elements of the CLP. These initiatives show that the vision of a CLP is not a utopia. Instead, it is a realistic option for an efficient legal ecosystem. We want to ensure that the various individual contributions ultimately result in a CLP that serves the interests of all. 

Therefore, it is important to define the essential features, structure and functionality of the CLP at an early stage. For this purpose, we have drafted the following CLP Principles.

We would like to put these Principles up for discussion. Therefore, we invite all members of the Liquid Legal Institute to comment, supplement and elaborate on these principles. In particular, we are keen to hear from  the authors of the second volume of the Liquid Legal series (Liquid Legal – Towards a Common Legal Platform). Simultaneously, we would like to hear from other stakeholders too.  To enable a truly open collaboration towards realizing the CLP, we have made the ‘Principles for a CLP’ available on GitHub. You can therefore contribute via GitHub (Liquid-Legal-Institute/Common-Legal-Platform). 

Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail (clp@liquid-legal-institute.org). If you are a member of the Liquid Legal Institute, you can also contribute via MS Teams. Please see our Common Legal Platform/Principles channels.

Discuss the principles at our MS TEAMS Platform, see LINK (for LLI members only).

Help us to shape and implement these principles. Let’s design the future!