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Buddy Badge Initiative

Connecting Leading Experts

Why did we act?

Something is wrong: rarely have so many people taken an interest in all matters digital, but finding the right candidate for a digital role is one big challenge.

What do we propose?

The Buddy Badge Initiative connects leading agents of LegalTech to provide job crafting insights for anyone looking to join the field.

How do we do it?

We help people meet by suggesting to candidates questions they should answer and decisions they should take, both before setting out and while crafting their roles. Candidates can compare their own answers to what successfully established agents of digital transformation in highly specialized domains have to say on the respective matter – and get in touch with them for further insights.

What does this give to the community?

Well-informed and connected, today´s candidates will make for a (much) greater community tomorrow. In return, buddies get to call themselves „Liquid Legal Buddy”, e.g. on LinkedIn (hence the name…).


Thanks to to Sarah OUIS for this illustration!

Portrait of Matthias Bosbach

Project lead: Matthias Bosbach (contact him via LLI’s Microsoft Teams Platform or via E-Mail)

Project image: Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash