Common Legal Platform

Think together!
The main idea about the Common Legal Platform is to think ahead in standardizing the legal industry. The Common Legal Platform aims at simplifying legal content, facilitating legal transactions and decreasing the complexity of legal tasks and ultimately making them faster, cheaper, and more efficient. The Common Legal Platform could provide a place to host concrete assets, such as commonly accepted documents, e.g., contract boilerplates, NDAs, SLAs, terms of conducts, etc., but also to share and pool processes, seminars, events, innovative ideas, talents, know-how, etc.
Collaborating companies and legal departments will be more efficient as they can benefit from the resources created by them, refined by other experts, and accepted by the community. The Liquid Legal Institute serves as the neutral and open hub hosting a Common Legal Platform. The structure and the content are provided by the partners and affiliates. It is our primary aim that the Platform addresses the needs from the industry to ultimately prelude the legal transformation.

Find more information at CLP Ecosystem.