Liquid Legal Experience 2020

We are pleased to invite you to our first interactive, fully virtual Liquid Legal Experience on September, 30th 2020!

Our basic principle at LLI, we value multidisciplinarity and collaboration. The more diverse the groups are, the better! 

In partnership with the Anwaltszukunftskongress (AZK), which takes place on October 1st, all registered participants will have the opportunity to work interactively in parallel sessions on LLI’s top topics. Topics that are relevant for the entire legal market and that we want to tackle together.

Here are our 5 working sessions. Each session will be run by several experts. Please indicate when you register which session you’ll like to participate in:

  1. Methodologies (Live User Research – be part of the answer)
  2. Digitalization
  3. Diversity
  4. Lawyer well-being
  5. Common Legal Platform & Standardization 



Alexander Britz

‎Head of Digital Business Transformation & Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft


Astrid Kohlmeier

Legal Design, Lawyer and LLI Co-Founder


Anna Engers

‎Diversity Coach and Lawyer


Bernhard Waltl

Computer and Data Scientist at BMW Group


Dierk Schindler

VP & Head of Corporate Legal Services at Bosch


Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr

Senior Legal Executive, Compliance Officer, Group Data Privacy Officer


Kai Jacob

Deloitte Legal and LLI Co-Founder




08:45 Virtual Door Opening

09:00 Opening Talk: LLI Introduction 

09:20 KeynoteAlexander BritzMicrosoft  

09:4LLI Insights Session (in parallel) 

  1. Methodologies (Live User Research – be part of the answer)
  2. Digitalization 
  3. Diversity
  4. Lawyer well-being 
  5. Common Legal Platform & Standardization 

10:40 BREAK  

11:00 Conclusion (Wrap-up of the sessions) and Outlook  

11:45 END 

The results will be available to all who are interested, because the basic idea of the Liquid Legal Institute is not only to bring the right people together for collaboratively work, but also to make the results of our work available to the entire legal market.

Why? Because we are convinced that we only together are able to tackle the issues of digital transformation, standardization and automation.

Our common idea: Let’s work together on the basic tasks of these issues. This is merely more effective than if everyone brews his own little soup. We believe in the power of the right crowd, radical collaboration and therefore invite everyone to participate. Join us on September 30th, 2020 and experience live how we already work and what topics our members are solving already together. 

Please contact Astrid Kohlmeier or Bernhard Waltl if you have any questions.