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LLI Ambassador Program

Becoming an LLI Ambassador?

Every member can become an LLI Ambassador. LLI Ambassadors must be nominated. Self nomination, i.e. application, is possible and appreciated.

The Executive Board will discuss each nomination / application to the Supervisory Board. The final decision will be made in one of the regular meetings between the two boards.

Why LLI Ambassadors?

The Liquid Legal Institute has flourished over the past years very nicely and has made a great leap both in substance and in the membership. Recently, we have been approached by a number of individuals with the desire to further the geographical expansion of our institute. One suggestion was that we appoint ambassadors in the regions to represent our interests locally.

How could such a thing look like in concrete terms? 


The role of Ambassador should be given to members who strongly identify with the objectives of the Liquid Legal Institutes. The duration of membership plays just as little a role as the seniority in the respective company or organization. The appropriate person is one who can credibly communicate our transformational goals. We want to exchange ideas with all colleagues worldwide who are involved in digital transformation in their company or function and whose voice we would like to give more weight to through our network of like-minded people.  

Such an ambassador represents the Liquid Legal Institute to the outside world and connects the newly acquired contacts internally, so that our network gradually grows for the benefit of all.   

What will be provided?

To help the Ambassadors to represent the Liquid Legal Institute, we have thought of the following resources: 

  • Info Package 
  • Own MS Teams channel for the local team 
  • 40% discount on the two Liquid Legal books published by Springer 
  • Available LLI Marketing materials 
  • Small budget for renting an event location or providing coffee and drinks 
  • Participation of a board member in welcome meetings 
  • Inclusion in the Liquid Legal Institute Ambassador Program and regular exchange among the Ambassadors
  • Call yourself an LLI Ambassador

You have ideas how we could support in your specific situation? Just let us know. We are more than happy to support.